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Re: [K12OSN] Produce 300 users with random passwords

>Is this doable and if so, how do I do it? If there is an alternative
>approach I am open for suggestions....

I use a program called createusers. <http://www.lfsp.org/users.html>http://www.lfsp.org/users.html
which uses a csv file with username, password, realname, group. It creates user, homedir, password, smbpasswd, personal web dir, mySQL logins and a bunch of other stuff. It also has a nice feature that it creates the users in /home/<groupname> directories so that different classes can be managed easier.

To generate the passwords I use a program called xyzzy http://www.haxial.com/products/xyzzy/.
This creates pronounceable passwords. The list can be cut and pasted into a spreadsheet.

I then use the spreadsheet to create the csv file for createusers and also as data for a mail merge to print the usernames and passwords onto labels which are very easy to pass out to the kids. The labels usually get stuck to the inside of their computer notebook. I was worried about the security aspect of this, but I thought having loose sheets of paper on the floor was just as bad.


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