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Re: [K12OSN] talk server not working properly

Check "w" or "who".  See if you actually have a terminal or if you
just have ":0".  Something like "pts/1" is ok.  Run xterm and see
rather than gnome-terminal.

It appears that using the defaults for gnome-terminal will not cause
that terminal to show up on the w or who list.  Xterm by default
does show up in those lists.  I see some settings for gnome-terminal;
however, I'm not having any success in getting them to show up in
w or who.


nestlerv cnosupport dyndns org wrote:

When ever i try to use talk i get the following error....

Error on read from talk daemon: Connection refused. Press any key.

I hit a key and it goes away and I am back at the command prompt.

Now, I have talk and ntalk running as services.
I have set both of their config files to  disable=no
both etc/hosts.allow and hosts.deny are blank

Please. Someone help me. I have looked through every post i can on google
and redat and found many people had the prob, but noone ever gave a
straight answer.


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