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[K12OSN] More about 300 users + passwords

Thanks for all the input. I have now generated my 300 passwords and made my csv file like this: user1,user1,password1. Now, my 300 users all exist on my system and my students have saved their work in their homedirs. Is there a command or program for using that csv file to change the passwords for all 300 users?

I tried executing my little Danish friend Nybruger again, but it told me that the users already existed on the system and did nothing.

Is an alternative solution to backup all the homedirs, remove the users and add all users again, and then overwrite the new homedirs with my old saved ones?

A little more help and I'm there...

P.S. Nice to read about Lutefisk and Leftse on this list... Traditional dish from my country (Norway) you know. I hate Lutefisk myself though, but still fun to read about it here :)

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