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[K12OSN] Finally - some success!


So, as you may surmise, I have had some success with the k12ltsp 
setup. I finally was able to get both the onboard 3Com gigabit NIC 
and the realtek card working (thanks must go to Jim McQuillan for his 
suggestions, which made me realize that the Realtek wasn't 
registering correctly when I did lsmod on the server, and comparing 
it with the computer next to it that did work. Ripped out that card, 
dropped another one in, and BOOM! success!

I had, before doing that, screwed up most of the config files so much 
to get it working that I decided to do a fresh reinstall. Wiped the 
drive, reinstalled, added the module for the gigabit card, set the 
network configurations to match here, and there we go!

Grabbed one of the old Compaq deskpro machines I plan on using (we 
have several of them), created the correct floppy using the files 
listed in the /tftpboot, and booted it up.  I got it to boot, connect 
to the server (watched from the server using tail -f 
/var/log/messages) and got all the way to getting X to the start. 
Screen seemed unable to handle the resolution, so I swapped it for a 
newer one (this is going to be a problem as most of our monitors are 
640x480 max) and then got the gray screen of death.  At least the  
mouse worked correctly!

After searching through old archives, ltsp documentation, etc finally 
confirmed all the display managers were loaded, listening, and 
waiting.  FINALLY inspected and found Xaccess to have the * line 
commented out, which was preventing anyone from logging on. WHY that 
would be commented out I'm not sure. But once I removed it I was able 
to log on perfectly. I must say I'm SUPER-IMPRESSED with the speed 
and capability of this k12ltsp system. WAY faster than the previous 
Windows setup (and looks much nicer too!). Some nice work for sure is 
in this software.

Just a few problems remain, and if someone could assist it would be 
perfect. I'm trying to get this all done because the school board 
wants to see a lab up and running ASAP (something about them having 
promised a high-tech lab to the parents and not checking with reality 

Firstly, we have a wide variety of machines (all old!) but all of 
them have the same type of network card. I think I can specify each 
MAC in the ltsp.conf file, and put the appropriate video settings 
within that - is that correct?

Secondly, while the thin client does eventually boot, for at least a 
minute it keeps scrolling 

100B AX: BX: CX: DX:

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