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Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP Support

Bob Karschnia wrote:

I think the only argument for not using K12LTSP at my children's school will be lack of support. It is a small school and the technology guy at the school handles the computer system part time. He does a good job but he only has limited time and has never used Linux. I think it would be too big of a task for him alone.

We can easily hire a Windows Certified technician to help support the school but do they exist for Linux (maybe a new business model?)? Is there any support for this LTSP outside of this environment?

I keep my involvement in this list non-commercial, but I can't resist answering your question...

*Warning: blatantly commercial plug:*
The answer is: Yes! This is exactly the need behind the formation of Dirigo.net LLC. My brother Chris and I wanted to fill the gap in linux support and expertise that is the only barrier to more Maine Schools moving to Open Source. Unfortunately, we have just recently organized, and are not yet ready to expand to Minnesota ;-) But please visit www.dirigo.net if you'd like to explore this business model.

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