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Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP Support

Yes, you can find people like that.  We do it at our company.

> I think the only argument for not using K12LTSP at my children's school will
> be lack of support.  It is a small school and the technology guy at the
> school handles the computer system part time.  He does a good job but he only
> has limited time and has never used Linux.  I think it would be too big of a
> task for him alone.

I seriously doubt this.  In fact, K12LTSP will probably _remove_ a lot of
work from his hands.  If you can get him to join this list, we can
introduce him to Linux and that sort of thing.

> We can easily hire a Windows Certified technician to help support the school
> but do they exist for Linux (maybe a new business model?)?  Is there any
> support for this LTSP outside of this environment?

Most UNIX admins can handle LTSP with ease, since it's basically what UNIX
has been doing for 20 years, just packaged nicely.


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