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[K12OSN] SiS 620 and thin client boot problems

Alright I’ve been battling this thing for about 2 weeks now, and its really getting on my nerves, I can’t get a complete boot into k12ltsp, it’s a fresh server, networked just like the documentation. I am trying to boot some unknown board (forget it off the top of my head) but it has an SiS 620 graphics chipset onboard. Anyways when we plug in with the onboard video, k12ltsp boots, but when it goes to load the X server the screen goes blank and gets no signal, when we try a different video card we get EE (SiS) No screens found so I’m figuring its 2 things, one our ltsp.conf file is AFU, and 2 we isn’t got drivers for it.


Please for the love of Sam help me…



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