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Re: [K12OSN] /var is full!

Julius Szelagiewicz said:
> Terrel,
> 	your procedure works fine, but since you mention HP-UX 11.x, the
> last time (3 weeks ago) I've run out of space in /var, i just
> increased the logical volume size and the file system size, on the
> fly. The
> journaling file system (ext3) looks and feels very much like the jfs
> (aka vxfs) on hp. afaik, ext3 is substantially the same same fs that
> hp calls jfs. would you happen to know if similar tools are
> available?

You could do something like this with LVM, but if you didn't set this
up at install time, you're still moving data. W/o a kernel patch, you
have to unmount an ext3 partition to resize it w/ the LVM tools. I
know reiserfs can be done "live". Wierdly, XFS _must_ be mounted to be
resized and apparently can only be grown, not shrunken.


I had fun last weekend mucking w/ this a bit as a learning experience.
Thank god I didn't have real data on there to worry about.

Back on the topic of a full /var, the original poster might check to
see if root's mail is getting delivered to a real address rather than
stacking up in /var/spool/mail. Edit /etc/aliases to suit. Also,
/var/cache/yum, if you use yum, will have headers for all available
RPMs, which amount to 200+ MBs on my laptop.

-Dan Young
-Parkrose School District

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