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Re: [K12OSN] /var is full!

I don't, unfortunately.  In light of Dan Young's recent post, I'd have to say "not without rebooting."  For our purposes, though, that may not be such a big hindrance, since

1.)  disk space is getting cheaper by the day,
2.)  we're all supposed to be viewing/archiving our logs in /var as part of proper security anyway.  We all do this, right?  ;-)
3.)  we have the luxury of waiting until after school and then running something like PartitionMagic on it.  I know that major data centres cannot get away with that (they need something more like ServerMagic), but most of us can.

The HP-UX box that I mentioned is the one running HP OpenView Network Node Manager, watched by a 24x7 NOC, so that thing *has* to be up all the time.  LVM certainly helps out there.  However, LVM on a Linux kernel is worthy of greater study, since soon HP will be coming out with their GNU/Linux version of Node Manager, and we may wish to consider moving to it (I hope!  I hope!).

This is the beauty of Free Software.  The best ideas can come together and produce a high-value solution without restriction other than merit.


On Wed, 2003-10-22 at 22:31, Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:
	your procedure works fine, but since you mention HP-UX 11.x, the
last time (3 weeks ago) I've run out of space in /var, i just increased
the logical volume size and the file system size, on the fly. The
journaling file system (ext3) looks and feels very much like the jfs (aka
vxfs) on hp. afaik, ext3 is substantially the same same fs that hp calls
jfs. would you happen to know if similar tools are available?

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