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Re: [K12OSN] How to upgrade to Mozilla 1.4 and Open Office 1.1?

I just upgraded Mozilla on both of our servers. It was actually the first
time I ever installed anything!

I am sorry but I don't remember what version of Mozilla was previously
installed, but one of its dependencies was Galeon. I found that out when I
attempted to "freshen" the installation. One of the error messages was about
Galeon. In the end, I needed to erase Galeon first before I could upgrade

I then downloaded the packages from the Severn folder on the Fedora website
using one of the graphical ftp programs installed on k12ltsp. (My friend
Calvin who does most of the major work on our ltsp servers and is WAY more
experienced than I gave me these instructions, and then I carried them out).
I attempted to use the command line to ftp, but I had to resort to one of
the graphical programs.

I count 10 different rpm packages labeled with 1.4-12, and one
mozplugger-1.3.1-1.i386.rpm, that I downloaded from the Severn folder on the
Fedora Project. There is also one package labeled:  I found the Mozilla
files in the Redhat/RPMS folder I think:


I tried to get to the folder (from home here on w98) and was unable to
verify the actual location of the folders

I first used the command

rpm -e galeon

This removed galeon so I could proceed with the Mozilla update.


rpm -Fvh mozilla*.rpm

Calvin explained that the F stands for freshen and using the * will update
all the packages associated with Mozilla -- and it worked like a dream. I am
currently wondering about the mozplugger -- I don't know what that is, or
why I have it in the folder I downloaded the rpms to. Obviously I need to
find out if that is some kind of plugin I probably need....

I am in the process of trying to figure out how to install Firebird as our
"light" browser. Someone showed me how to install it on one server, and I
was supposed to do the same thing on the other server, but I waited a week
before attempting to install it on the other server. Unfortunately, I have
not yet been successful in getting that installed properly. I can't even
figure out how to us tar to unpack the tar.gz file to the proper location!
Firebird is working beautifully on the other server and is a good option for
a light browser -- I think it is very fast. I did figure out how to add
firebird with its icon on the icewm start menu on the lab server -- that was
a 3 hour project, but figured it out finally.

I hope these instructions are not too detailed -- I have to have DETAILED
instructions most of the time. I may have to ask for help again on getting
firebird installed on the other server. So much to learn with this linux
stuff!! It is often overwhelming to me....

Rita Gibson

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> Ok list members, here's another one for you...
> I have two LTSP labs (version 3.0.0) which came
> with Mozilla 1.2.  I'd like to upgrade them to
> Mozilla 1.4 with the pop-up blocking feature
> (nice).  How do I upgrade to 1.4?  Will the
> desktop icons automagically point to the correct
> version of Mozilla?  OR, do I need to delete the
> old desktop icons and put up new ones pointing to
> the correct version?
> And the same question again only directed for
> OpenOffice1.1.  I'd like to upgrade my labs to the
> latest version of OpenOffice and still have the
> desktop icons pointing to the correct (new)
> versions.  How do I do this?
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