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[K12OSN] New K12LTSP presentation

I just recently spoke at a state wide technology conference for teachers, admins and techies. My title was "The (Almost) Free Computer Lab". I geared the talk for the less technical (teachers and admins). It was well received. Go to my schools' website to download the presentation


Folks, I think we might have something here with proper marketing!

Schools NEED a less expensive alternative. I believe that every classroom NEEDS to have a working computer lab in it (it's called my "pencil technology philosophy"). Until computers are as available and usable as pencils in our schools, we won't see any dramatic improvements as far as technology is concerned. We teach kids to use pencils from an early age. We expect them to use them in every class (almost). The result is that kids are proficient at using pencils to help them with their school work. We should approach computers the same way. With K12LTSP affordable classroom labs are a REAL possibility!

-- =========================================================== Richard K. Ingalls, Technology Coordinator

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