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Re: [K12OSN] Two servers on the same subnet (load balancing)

Perhaps the simplest way to add another server and lighten the load on your primary would be to move some applications to the new server, perhaps your most resource-intensive ones. That way, to implement it, you just get the designated apps working on the new box (which doesn't disturb your existing box) and then you just change the links on the users' menu/desktop to rsh to the new box and call the app there. What this can ultimately lead to is having each application on its own dedicated server. That way, if one goes down, it only affects one app, it makes it easier to deploy new apps because you don't make significant changes to the primary server, and if you use nis or ldap you don't have to worry about migrating users.


mbooher wrote:
Hey all,
I am a system admin at a small private school we have a approximately 100
machines of those machines about 25 are a k12os lab.  The lab is on the same
subnet as the rest of the network.  I have one main Terminal server running
the lab however, the load is a little much for our server (P4 2.4, 2GB or ram
etc).  I have another machine that could be used share the load.  What is the
best way to do load sharing between the two machines?  Also is there a way
that I can use two nics in the same machine to increase bandwidth to the
server? (i have a switch with a gigabit uplink coming).  I would appreciate
any suggestions.

Matthew Booher
mbooher bellevillemennoniteschool org
Technology Coordinator Belleville Mennonite School

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