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[K12OSN] Trouble with Danish keyboard and more...

I'am trying to install K12LTSP on a small network but I have run into a
few small problems.

I can't get Danish keyboards to work - I've changed the
/opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf with the following

  XkbRules   = "xfree86"
  XkbModel   = "pc105"
  XkbLayout  = "dk"
  XkbSymbols = "dk"

but it does not have any effect - any ideas ?

Another problem is getting any sound on the client. I've installed the
ltsp soundpackage and added the following to lts.conf

    SOUND              = N
    SOUND_DAEMON       = nasd
    VOLUME             = 100
    MIC_VOLUME         = 100
    CD_VOLUME          = 75
    SMODULE_01         = auto

When the clients load, they install the sound server but after that, the
client is silent - do I have to do something more on the server ??

By the way - I'm trying to get K12LTSP to run on a VIA EPIA Me6000 motherboard but have some trouble with graphics and sound. Have any of you installed K12LTSP on the VIA EPIA ME6000. I guess the problems are related to the CLE266 graphics adaptor on the via board. It is not supported in the XFree shipped with K12LTSP.

Any help/hints will be greatly appreciated.


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