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Re: [K12OSN] How to upgrade to Mozilla 1.4 and Open Office 1.1?

I've done it like this:

Just install OpenOffice.org using std. setup -net, put it in some dir.  Std. stuff.  Then, make a symlink from whatever file that the users' icon ultimately points to, over to the new installation.  It does ask to upgrade your profile, but since you are of course telling your users that you're upgrading (that's important no matter what OS you're running!), they'll be more ready for it when they get asked to click a few extra times at startup.  Did it on my Slackware and RHL boxen with success--OO.o 1.1 migrated my older profiles over without much fuss.

For Mozilla, just install Mozilla 1.4 (now 1.5's available) in /usr/local/mozilla (the default), and symlink /usr/bin/mozilla over to /usr/local/mozilla/mozilla.  This one's actually pretty transparent; your users won't notice a thing.

But again, I stress, communicate with your user base, and its management team, before you start upgrading.  If we had just gone and put XP on people's boxes (they were running 2K and NT 4.0) w/o telling them, a whole lot of bosses would've been *really* ticked, and some folks would've gotten into a lot of trouble.


On Thu, 2003-10-23 at 11:06, Richard K. Ingallsl wrote:
Ok list members, here's another one for you...

I have two LTSP labs (version 3.0.0) which came 
with Mozilla 1.2.  I'd like to upgrade them to 
Mozilla 1.4 with the pop-up blocking feature 
(nice).  How do I upgrade to 1.4?  Will the 
desktop icons automagically point to the correct 
version of Mozilla?  OR, do I need to delete the 
old desktop icons and put up new ones pointing to 
the correct version?

And the same question again only directed for 
OpenOffice1.1.  I'd like to upgrade my labs to the 
latest version of OpenOffice and still have the 
desktop icons pointing to the correct (new) 
versions.  How do I do this?

Richard K. Ingalls,
Technology Coordinator

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