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Re: [K12OSN] How to upgrade to Mozilla 1.4 and Open Office 1.1?

A comment.

Mozilla 1.5 is out. I have been using it and it seems to work fine.

We have a very small school lab. I try to keep the latest Mozilla and OpenOffice.org software installed. I would worry that if I installed the latest I would mess up something that depended on something.

I finally installed k12ltsp without Mozilla and OpenOffice.org and have been upgrading from their web site rather than using the rpms like I wanted to do at first.

If k12ltsp is going to be upgraded several times a year now that it is based on Fedora, perhaps I can go back to installing what comes with the ISO? Or is there a way to use the latest Mozilla etc. for those of us that are not as install savvy?


Richard K. Ingallsl wrote:

Ok list members, here's another one for you...

I have two LTSP labs (version 3.0.0) which came with Mozilla 1.2. I'd like to upgrade them to Mozilla 1.4 with the pop-up blocking feature (nice). How do I upgrade to 1.4? Will the desktop icons automagically point to the correct version of Mozilla? OR, do I need to delete the old desktop icons and put up new ones pointing to the correct version?

And the same question again only directed for OpenOffice1.1. I'd like to upgrade my labs to the latest version of OpenOffice and still have the desktop icons pointing to the correct (new) versions. How do I do this?

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