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RE: [K12OSN] SiS 620 and thin client boot problems

On Sun, 2003-10-26 at 08:45, Tim Thorpe wrote:
> WOOOOOHOOOOO! We got it working!

congrats!  8-)

>  Also is there a special way we need to create users so they
> can't log in to the server and ONLY log in via a remote terminal?

Do you mean disable logins on the Server Console ?  Unplug the keyboard,
mouse, and monitor.  8-))

>  Can we
> restrict their desktop and not allow them to run terminal or exit to a
> command-line interface?

You can, but it should not be necessary.  The Bash Shell is not such a
harmful place.  Many of the security tools, viz nmap, will only allow
users to 'ping scan' things, which is not particularly harmful.  Anyway,
it is a simple procedure to `chmod 700 <program>`  and that is the last
your users will see of it.

So have a dig through the commands you want 'gone', and chmod 700 them..
end of problem.

>  Is there anything else we should be weary of?

There always is, but "good enough" is actually pretty good in this
case.  What do you want to do next ?


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