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Re: [K12OSN] Etherboot NIC Detection thoughts

The knoppix hardware detection is very impressive... Morphix, a variant of knoppix even managed to pick up the video driver for my ancient laptop :)

With debian taking on the redhat anaconda there may be more movement towards the knoppix installation... which as it is now (last tested 5 days ago) is still not as slick as the redhat install. Combine the powers of the hardware detection of knoppix, redhat installer, and k12ltsp (I'm running 3.1.2 and loving it!) getting more sys admins to 'take a chance on linux' will be less scary.

What I've wondered is whether or not there is a utility to remotely detect the NIC card of a new client from the server? Is that supported in knoppix cluster?


garret ruffdogs com wrote:
There is a knoppix variant called cluster knoppix. I suggest you have a look at
what they are doing, tweak it and apply to this situation. They have done some
VERY nifty things with hardware detection, terminal server and open mosix. One
of the wonderful advantages of Open Source is that we are able take what others
have done, make a small amount of changes and have exactly what we need. The
other great advantage of course . . . is that you then get to give THAT back to
the wonderful souls who helped you in the first place.


Quoting Tim Thorpe <tim cleanyourdirt com>:

. then do a reboot, so it boots right to the server. I've got a (crappy)
script written, I just don't know how to get it onto the detection disk. I
emailed the maker of the boot disk for thoughts, and I was wondering if
anyone here had any ideas. any help would be great.

Thanks in advanced,

Matt Reiter

[Tim Thorpe]

Sendus thy scriptus!

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