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Re: [K12OSN] Best Backup Solution for my situation...

From: "Christopher K. Johnson" <ckjohnson gwi net>
> Rsync is an alternative to both RAID and tape, but be aware that this
> means of backup does not preserve generations of files from any point in
> time other than when you last ran rsync (neither before nor after that
> time).

I think I've mentioned it before on this list, but backupc
is really good at automatically keeping generations of files
from multiple machines compressed and available on-line.
It can use tar or rsync over ssh on unix and smb or rsync
on windows clients (unfortunately the windows cygwin ssh/rsync
combo seems to be broken but backuppc could use it if
it worked).  It compresses files for storage and links
identical copies together to save space.

Here is what I have on a 120Meg disk (that you find on
sale for $99 now...):
There are 29 hosts that have been backed up, for a total of:
    * 51 full backups of total size 337.59GB (prior to pooling and
    * 137 incr backups of total size 72.58GB (prior to pooling and
After compression and linking, that consumes about 99gigs and
it takes care of itself completely on my desktop PC doing
most of the backup work at night (because of the compression
it does take some CPU).   I still make tape copies of
critical things to keep offsite (using amanda) but I think if the
tape drive died I'd buy several large firewire hard drives and
run another copy of backuppc, swapping the drives daily.

It is a perl script that just needs a few modules installed
on the server and a hook to the web server.  You don't need
any setup on the client other than ssh keys for unix and
cygwin rsync on windows if you want to reduce bandwidth
compared to native smb.

Eric - If you are listening, this is on my short list of things I'd
like to see added to the base install so it would come up running.
without extra work. The others are twiki, a perl-based wiki that
does revision-control on the documents and has an interface for
plug-ins for drawing tools, etc. and RT, a request tracking, trouble
ticket application that became slightly difficult to install on RedHat
in its last revision.

  Les Mikesell

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