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Re: [K12OSN] Sound on VIA epia C3-533

--- J-L Boers <jl tuxair com> wrote:
> Success!
> I now have sound working fine so far. Xmms plays
> mp3's and Mozilla/Flash
> plays sounds (kids love nickjr.com flash games )
> thanks to the wonders of irc, #ltsp and in
> particular dtrask (david
> trask) i got it accomplished.
> this is on k12ltsp-4 beta 4 (oct 13 isos)
> Added the following to my lts.conf file default
> section
> SOUND        = Y
> VOLUME       = 95
> Mucho Thanks!
> JL

I have been having problems with sound and the epia,
too. I added the above to my lts.conf and it didn't
change the error message I get when I log in. The
message I get is: 

  Sound server informational message:
  Error while initializing the sound driver:
  device /dev/dsp can't be opened (Permission denied)
  The sound server will continue, using the null
output   device.

How do I correct the problem. I'm running K12LTSP
3.1.1 and have been using up2date to keep the system

David D. Nelson
nelsda yahoo com

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