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Re: [K12OSN] Sound on VIA epia C3-533

On Sun, 26 Oct 2003, David D. Nelson wrote:

>> SOUND_DAEMON = nasd
>> SOUND        = Y
>> VOLUME       = 95
>> Mucho Thanks!
>> JL
>I have been having problems with sound and the epia,
>too. I added the above to my lts.conf and it didn't
>change the error message I get when I log in. The
>message I get is: 
>  Sound server informational message:
>  Error while initializing the sound driver:
>  device /dev/dsp can't be opened (Permission denied)
>  The sound server will continue, using the null
>output   device.

Nasd intercepts calls to /dev/dsp, if you are seeing permissions
problems on /dev/dsp nasd is not working properly.

Are you using GNOME or KDE? KDE uses artsd for sound, which 
spits out erorrs when logging in from a terminal (but sound
will work in non-arts apps).

>How do I correct the problem. I'm running K12LTSP
>3.1.1 and have been using up2date to keep the system

* run "rpm -q ltsp_esound", if you are not running version 0.4 or
  later nasd will not work.

* Be sure that you have "SOUND_DAEMON" defined only in the Defaults
  section of lts.conf, it can break things if you add it a particular 
  workstation's section.

* Sound is disabled for root, you have to test it as a regular user

* Does the terminal pause during bootup and display a message that
  the sound card was not found?

* What is the output of "echo $AUDIOSERVER"  and "echo $LD_PRELOAD"?


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