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Re: [K12OSN] Etherboot NIC Detection thoughts

On Mon, 2003-10-27 at 09:04, garret ruffdogs com wrote:
Basically that's what k12LTSP does I believe, looking for a suported card.
Knoppix handles it in much the same way as far as that goes I believe. The big
difference with knoppix is that it allows you to kind of "pre-load" the drivers
for quite a few different nic cards, and then the great knoppix detection goes
hard to work.

It is easy to detect NICs from knoppix, since you already have a filesystem mounted, and a kernel booted.

The problem I came up against with this etherboot CD idea, is that once the CD is booted we are committed, either to that kernel, or committed to a reboot..  getting past this this has been a bit of a hurdle.

I am thinking that the "wireless LTSP" boot floppy might be a solution, since it boots, then configures at initrd time, and then inits and then X -query <server>, all on the same kernel.


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