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[K12OSN] Help with file permissions

I need some help with a problem caused by an overtired system administrator, that would happen to be me.

In the process of cleaning up some permissions/ownership problems, I wasn't thinking about what I typed in and I chmod -R 777 .* on my redhat 8 file/print servers. Not realizing what I did, I left it to run completely. Now, I have a working server at the moment, but I'd like to restore everything except for /home back to what it should be. Any suggestions? I "think" doing an upgrade to Redhat 9 will do the trick, but I don't want to do that on production servers in the middle of the school year. Thanksgiving or Christmas, perhapes.

Eric Feldhusen

Dumb Network Administrator for Adams, Chassell,
Dollar Bay, and Lake Linden-Hubbell Public Schools
email: eric remc1 k12 mi us
Cell Phone: 906-370-6202

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