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[K12OSN] Testimonial volunteers

Hi, everyone.  I was wondering if anyone on this list could help me out
with some testimonials on how wonderful K12LTSP/LTSP is and how it has
benefited your organization.  

I have a potential customer who may be interested in getting his feet
wet, but would like to call someone unaffiliated with our company for a
3rd-party opinion of the benefits of the technology.  As many of you,
I'm sure, have experience with, sometimes organizations are afraid to
move forward with new technology because the decision maker doesn't want
to look bad if things don't go well.

So, if anyone would be willing to talk to this potential customer and
impress them with how you've used thin clients to improve your computing
experience, please shoot me a personal reply.  I will try to return the
favor somehow.  (Maybe a coupon for The Symbiont Store or something.)



Gideon Romm <ltsp symbio-technologies com>

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