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Re: [K12OSN] Sound on VIA epia C3-533

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, David D. Nelson wrote:

>> * run "rpm -q ltsp_esound", if you are not running
>> version 0.4 or
>>   later nasd will not work.
>I guess I need to update ltsp_esound. I get
>Would I be best served doing an upgrade to K12LTSP
>3.1.2 or manually update it?

You said earlier that you were using up2date to keep current.

The problem might be that you are not subscribed to the K12LTSP
channel on the Red Hat Network. 

I have an "enterprise" subscription to RHN, so it may look a 
little different to you than it does to me. With a little bit
of poking around you should be able to find this if my 
directions are not 100% accurate...

Log into RHN @ https://rhn.redhat.com, click on the "Systems" tab
at the top, click on your LTSP server, click on the "Channels"
tab, and then check the "Edu: K-12 Linux Terminal Server Project
for Red Hat Linux" channel.

After that, when you run up2date it will sync you to both Red Hat
and K12LTSP. No need to download the ISOs and manually update.

Afterwards, drop Todd Warner @ Red Hat a note thanking him for
his work on this ;-)


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