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[K12OSN] Win boxen on ltsp network cannot get out to the net

Hi all,

I'm a little stumped here. I have a working k12 ltsp 4 server and a 5
terminals. All are working well. I have a need for 2 dedicated windows
XP machines that i want on the same network. These two machines however
cannot get out to the internet when hooked into the switch hanging off
the ltsp server. When placed on the switch between my firewall and the
ltsp server all is well with the XP machines.

I have confirmed they are getting a good IP info from the ltsp server.
I have checked the firewall settings on the ltsp server and restarted
iptables. It is setup to allow http,ftp,smtp and ssh off of the eth0
card (the 192.x.x.x network)

What i get appears to be dns issues. ie. unable to resolve so-and-so.com

Is there some other setting i should be looking at to enable these non
terminals to live on the same network as my diskless clients?

It has to be something simple staring me in the face. I just cant see it

Any help is appreciated.
JL Boers

If the code and the comments disagree, then both are probably wrong.
		-- Norm Schryer

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