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Re: [K12OSN] /var is full!

I am new on Linux and had se same problem. I was told to edit /etc/logrotate.conf and changed the word "weekly" to "daily" and where it say "rotate 4" i replace it with "rotate 1". This way you will have only one week of backlogs. This settings released a lot of used space on my hard disk.
Maybe this can help you too.
Gabriel Lopez

From: "Richard K. Ingalls" <awm002 mail connect more net>
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Subject: [K12OSN] /var is full!
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 16:31:15 -0500

my /var is getting full. when i tried to do an up2date i was told that i didn't have any free space in this partition. so i moved several files to a different partition and then i had room to do my up2date.

can i increase the size of the partition /var ?
OR am i doomed to delete / move files before doing up2date from now on?



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