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[K12OSN] How to proceed from here?


So I'm stuck now.  Sometimes I can turn on the workstation, and have it connect 
to the server, display the login screen, and log in and out fine, with all 
applications working. 

Other times, without changing any settings, functions, etc. I turn on and can 
get the workstations to connect to the server, and load up the gray screen with 
a working mouse, and if I specify multiple resolutions in the ltp.config file, 
I can cycle through them using the keyboard.  But that's it. It's stuck there.

I don't understand, and honestly, it is very *very* frustrating. I'm by no 
stretch an expert with Linux nor network administration, so I need all the help 
I can get.

Is there a way for someone to talk me through what's going on? To ssh to my 
server and check to make sure it's working? To give me a list of things I 
should check for? Or can I visit a working setup (or have someone visit me?) so 
I can learn what to do (I'm in Toronto)?  Because I have MANY people breathing 
down my neck right now and things are going to get worse very quickly.

I'd like to take this time as well to thank those few who have helped on this 
list (especially Jim McQuillan who went the extra mile to look at a 
configuration file via email) - thanks.


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