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[K12OSN] Help with my sound

Ok...I've gotta' do this.
I need to get nasd working so that one of my teachers can use Starfall.com

(plus I simply want to get it working anyway)

Here's what I do and know....I'm pretty sure I have the latest esound
package (see below)

[root server root]# rpm -q ltsp_esound

I have put SOUND_DAEMON = nasd 
in my lts.conf file....once I do that and reboot the terminal....I have no
sound at all.  (rebooting the server doesn't help either)

In order to get sound back I have to either comment out that line or
delete it...and reboot the terminal and it's fine.  So....

How can I get nasd running?  Just FYI, I'm running 3.1 of
K12LTSP...upgraded via apt to essentially 3.12.

Can anyone give me a hand with steps to proceed and get nasd working?

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Coordinator
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask vcs u52 k12 me us

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