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Re: [K12OSN] Help with my sound

On Wed, 2003-10-29 at 06:45, David Trask wrote:
> Ok...I've gotta' do this.
> I need to get nasd working so that one of my teachers can use Starfall.com
> (plus I simply want to get it working anyway)
> Here's what I do and know....I'm pretty sure I have the latest esound
> package (see below)
> [root server root]# rpm -q ltsp_esound
> ltsp_esound-0.4-k12ltsp.1.3.1


> I have put SOUND_DAEMON = nasd 
> in my lts.conf file....once I do that and reboot the terminal....I have no
> sound at all.  (rebooting the server doesn't help either)

Make sure that you have this in the Defaults section, and only in the
Defaults section. (Fixing this ugliness is what Jim & were working
on when we were there in Augusta)

> In order to get sound back I have to either comment out that line or
> delete it...and reboot the terminal and it's fine.  So....
> How can I get nasd running?  Just FYI, I'm running 3.1 of
> K12LTSP...upgraded via apt to essentially 3.12.
> Can anyone give me a hand with steps to proceed and get nasd working?

The basic steps are to install ltsp_esound >= 0.4, add "SOUND_DAEMON = nasd"
to the lts.conf global defaults, reboot the terminal.

Standard debugging questions/comments:

* Don't test it as root, remote sound only works for regular user accounts

* Does the terminal pause during boot and display an error about not finding
  the sound card? (probably not in this case, since ESD works)

* Verify that the ltsp_esound package has not been altered:

	rpm -V ltsp_esound

* Open up a terminal and note the output of the following commands:


* Set a terminal to boot into run level 3 "RUNLEVEL = 3", reboot the terminal,
  and verify that nasd is running:

	ps auxw | grep nasd

  check to see if esd is running while you're at it:

	ps auxw | grep esd


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