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[K12OSN] DHCP and multiple subnets

Hello all,

I am not sure if this question will fit here or not.  I have an existing
network which uses 192.168.5.xxx for the main network.  It has all the
regular stuff: file servers, proxy server, web server, etc...
Now: I want to put in a K12LTSP in our private school and use existing
wiring as well as network.  I have staff/admin/teachers that are currently
using the existing system and I don't want to disrupt what they do.

My question is can I get DHCP to divie out (send out) the right addresses to
each subnet?  I have been looking into the man pages and documentation for
DHCP but cannot seem to find the answers that I am looking for.

I need 192.168.5.xxx to continue to be served by the existing DHCP server.
I want 192.168.0.xxx to be used by the LTSP and student machines.
I know that LTSP already has a DHCP server, but when I fired it up... All of
my "regular" machines ran to it for an address. 8-(
That was not what I was expecting, nor do I want that.

Any Ideas?  Just point and shoot. I don't mind doing the legwork if I know
where to walk/run to.

Dan Ratje

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