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[K12OSN] smbmount problem

My K12LTSP implementation has been on the shelf for a while and not I am trying to get it up and running in our new middle school – delayed for a couple months by construction issues.


Wiped the installation clean and reinstalled from scratch and am having difficulty mounting share points on another Linux server.


When trying to mount the students’ home folders on our file server with the following (students’ home folders mount just find from Macs (OSX))


smbmount // /MMS01/homes –o username=$UNAME,passwordl=$PWORD,rw


I get the following error:


Cannot mount on /MMS01/homes: operation not permitted


I have searched for an answer.  I am sure that someone here will know this immediately.


Thanks for any assistance you may be able to give.




Jim Hays, Technology Director

Monticello CUSD#25

#2 Sage Drive

Monticello, IL  61856

haysja sages us

Phone - 217-762-8511 ext 208

E-Fax - 1-240-201-6257




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