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Re: [K12OSN] dhcp: k12ltsp 3.1.2

Hmmm...by default, your K12LTSP server will hand out DHCP addresses from eth0, but not eth1, I believe.  Not sure about this since I run a single-NIC implementation.  According to the diagram on www.k12ltsp.org, it's supposed to go like this:


The left side is where the thin clients live, and where they get their DHCP addresses from.  This is the default K12LTSP configuration.  Therefore, if you have eth0 sitting on the MAINNETWORK, then yes, you will be handing out DHCP addresses to the Windows clients.  Reverse your connections, and you should be fine.

The other alternative that I would suggest is to turn off dhcpd altogether in the K12LTSP box, since this is a "hot" political situation, and run the DHCP service off of something else on the "thin client" segment (a router comes to mind).

At least you have someone backing you.  Feel fortunate--I wish I had that.


On Thu, 2003-10-30 at 19:51, Dennis Daniels wrote:
I've read some of the earlier messages about dhcp problems on this list 
and I'm going to try out the dhcp gadget 
http://dhcpstatus.sourceforge.net/ Steve mentioned a while back but, but 
I've got what could be a show stopper in for my internal ltsp set-up if 
I don't find a solution, and fast...

I'm running 3.1.2 in my classroom eth0 is connected to the school 
network pulling an IP address and getting access to the internet via the 
schools network. My server is using a switch that is shared by a 30+ 
node computer lab. In that lab 7 win2k stations lost their IP addresses 
when they renewed their dhcp lease. The Win2k boxes can't log-on, which 
requires the Computer Info Serv. guy to come in and manually fix it. You 
can imagine the time and problems that requires to get fixed... and 
naturally, they blame my DHCP server, the k12ltsp system I'm running as 
the culprit.

Could this be possible? Can my DHCP server running in my room be 
blocking or interfering with the main dhcp server handling the other 
nodes on the same switch? If yes, how do I fix it because they will shut 
down my network and the 20 or so new planned client nodes that are 
waiting the back room.

If my dhcp server is not the problem, then how can I prove that my LTSP 
DHCP network is not the culprit to the CIS people? (Side political note, 
any problems on the main network will be blamed on my internal network. 
And, one of the CIS people told me that linux is a waste of time.)

I need to prove to my Asst Principal, who supports my ltsp project, and 
to CIS that my dchp server is not the problem or be able to prove to 
them that I can prevent this problem in the future.

Help and guidance is very much appreciated!

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