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Re: [K12OSN] Help with my sound

On Thu, 30 Oct 2003, JL Boers wrote:

>I know you and Jim are working on something for ltsp-4 wrt sound.

<theory stuff that can be skipped, the answer to the real question is below>

Well, what Jim & I were hacking on does not directly pertain to
sound in specific, it is more of a general problem that is best
illustrated by the ltsp sound package. 

For the sound support to work properly, the sound config must be
specificied in the [Default] section of the lts.conf file. The 
reason for this is that the server has no way of knowing for sure 
which user is associated with which terminal and how that 
specific terminal is configured. That's what we are trying to fix.

Once the theory becomes reality, you will be able to have one 
terminal run ESD, another run NASD, and so on. The LTSP server
will be able to sort it all out and adjust each user's configuration

There are a number of things that are possible (but won't be
named ;-) that are very, very cool - but are a support NIGHTMARE
without being able to programmatically tell exactly what is
happening on any specific terminal. 


>This rpm you hacked up....  does it apply to the k12ltsp4 beta? Or 
>should I just wait.I am currently happily running k12ltsp4 beta 7 
>and sound is working for flash/mozilla and xmms.Sound events for
>other stuff appears to be nonexistant.

K12LTSP v4 beta 9 just finished uploading. I you don't want to 
download the whole thing, you'll find the new ltsp_esound* packages
at ftp://k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us/apt/fedora/RPMS.k12ltsp/

>However I still on occasion experience the clicking/popping etc 
>that others are complaining about. It looks like this thread on 
>sound is applicable to k12 version 3.x.

Are you using the default settings (esd) or have you reconfigured
for nasd (SOUND_DAEMON = nasd) ?

The patches I applied only pertain to esd. I'm not sure if they are
relevant to and/or work with nasd.


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