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Re: [K12OSN] Proper method to swap eth0 with eth2 ?

On 31 Oct 2003, John Baillie wrote:

>Hello list,
>Our k12 servers have integrated nics. I just installed gigabit nics but
>they end up being eth2.
>Our setup is thus:
>2 k12ltsp servers
>Each server is connected via eth0 to a separate switch with 20
>eth1 connects each server to the school network.
>Server 1 and 2 are connected via crossover cable on eth2 for sharing
>I forced one server to pick up the new nic as eth0 by disabling the
>on-board nics in the bios. I then installed the gigabit nic, then
>re-enabled the on-board nics.
>The Network Configuration applet indicates that eth0 is still assigned
>to one of the on-board nics and set to the subnet. But
>invoking ping on each of the three subnets and unplugging their
>respective cables indicates that this is not the case.
>What is the proper method to choose which nic is assigned to which

This is actually much easier than you'd expect.

Edit /etc/modules.conf and assign gigabit nic driver to eth0 (or eth1
or whatever you want).

For example, if the default entries in /etc/modules.conf are:

	alias eth0 e100
	alias eth1 e100
	alias eth2 e1000

and you want the eepro 1000 card to be eth0, change this to read:

	alias eth0 e1000
	alias eth1 e100
	alias eth2 e100

Reboot and enjoy ;-)


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