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Re: [K12OSN] dhcp: k12ltsp 3.1.2

On Fri, 2003-10-31 at 13:51, Dennis Daniels wrote:

> [....] My server is using a switch that is shared by a 30+ 
> node computer lab. In that lab 7 win2k stations lost their IP addresses 
> when they renewed their dhcp lease. The Win2k boxes can't log-on, which 
> requires the Computer Info Serv. guy to come in and manually fix it. You 
> can imagine the time and problems that requires to get fixed... and 
> naturally, they blame my DHCP server, the k12ltsp system I'm running as 
> the culprit.

I'm sorry, but it is at fault.   I'm sorry I did not see your earlier
postings - I would have told you how I had already made that mistake..

> Could this be possible? Can my DHCP server running in my room be 
> blocking or interfering with the main dhcp server handling the other 
> nodes on the same switch?

yes.  one by one, you will take down their whole network.

>  If yes, how do I fix it because they will shut 
> down my network and the 20 or so new planned client nodes that are 
> waiting the back room.

the easiest way ?  unplug yourself.  plug your clients directly into
your Terminal Server, then connect your Terminal Server to their network
via its' eth1.

> [....] (Side political note, 
> any problems on the main network will be blamed on my internal network. 
> And, one of the CIS people told me that linux is a waste of time.)

yes, you will have this to contend with for some time.  It is very sad
really, how they will be coming to you for *your* advice in a couple of
years...  8-/  how embarrassing for them.

> I need to prove to my Asst Principal, who supports my ltsp project, and 
> to CIS that my dchp server is not the problem or be able to prove to 
> them that I can prevent this problem in the future.

Sorry to advise so readily, but you must lose this focus quickly, and
make very sure they never, never, have an issue with your network again,
or things may escalate further.  Even Asst Principals have been known to
suddenly "lose support" in the face of unprecedented criticism.

"squeaky clean" is the ticket..

take care out there..

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