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Re: [K12OSN] Tips for new file/autication-server requested

I´m a SME fan too. (too newbie for anything else!)
But I have seen very good comments about ClarkConnect (and it uses webmin and not templates like SME).
A very interesting comment say somethink like: If was to me manage it I choose CC, if it´s to a user manage I´ll use SME!

Just my 2 cents... remember I´m so newbie that I NEED SME (everything seems too complicated!). But some time in future I´ll install a CC to test!


Henning Petersen Wangerin wrote:

I've just had a complete brack down of my personal file-server/gateway
running SME.
It's now running i a pile of abandomd old hardware.

What I'd like now is to do a fresh install of a RHxx from scratch, and
have this server handle alle authentication of users on my k12ltsp

It seems that a good way would be to install ldap, and let ltsp
authenticate towards the file-server. Right?

It wiuld also be nice to be able to move our adress-lists on the ldap,
but that is only a primary issue.

What do I need to install on the new file server?

It's a brand new Eden-CL10000 main-board and new harddisk that is
going to be installed. So everything is possible. The old data is
secure on the old harddisk, and must be copied over at the correct

The requeirements would be something like:

filesharing etc
	ftp of some kind
	internet-connection via PPPoE
	dhcp-server on LAN
	gsmsmsd from gsmlib for sending/receiving sms'

- and surely more to come

Do you have any hints to howto's and other stuf?


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