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Re: [K12OSN] Tips for new file/autication-server requested

On Fri, 31 Oct 2003 11:44:05 -0200, you wrote:

> I´m a SME fan too. 

Me too, but after a little less than two years of good service, it's
getting much to limiting on my experiments ;-)

> But I have seen very good comments about ClarkConnect (and it uses 
> webmin and not templates like SME).
> A very interesting comment say somethink like:  If was to me manage it I 
> choose CC, if it´s to a user manage I´ll use SME!

Yep - SME is very easy to administer for a user, but I need much more

> Just my 2 cents... remember I´m so newbie that I NEED SME (everything 
> seems too complicated!). 


> But some time in future I´ll install a CC to test!

Seems like a good chose, but maybee not flexible enough, what do
others mean about that?

Venlig hilsen / Best regards

 _H_P_C_o_n_s_u_l_t_    http://www.hpc.dk
 Skoletoften 9, Blans   http://www.turnsys.dk
 DK - 6400 Soenderborg

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