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RE: [K12OSN] New School using K12

We use the first three letters of the student's last name followed by the
first three letters of the student's first name followed by the last two
digits of their graduation year (from HS). 

So, if Joe Cool is in 8th grade this year, his account is


This way, his account does not need to be changed (unless he fails a grade).

We reset passwords each year.  (We actually wipe the accounts and recreated
them, but we don't tell people that.)

Very few instances of conflicts.  (We have about 1600 students in the

Conflicts arise:  For example: John Dillinger in class of 08 would conflict
with JoAnn Dillon in class of 08.  

Teachers are the same way with no class year.  

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Hi K12 List!

I've just joined. Monday I'll be starting a new job at a primary school
where we'll be installing a K12 network with 24 thin clients tomorrow.

What I'd like to know is, what's the best way of setting up the users
for the students? Is it best to go by student number, or a mixture of
name and grade? Is it possible to use a username like jonathan-1 and the
next year it changes to jonathan-2? Or should I use a combination of
their name and the year they joined or are supposed to finish school?

Thanks guys, any advice to this school-newbie is highly appreciated!

- Jonathan

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