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[K12OSN] K12LTSP 3.1 / DHCP / SAMBA-LDAP question

Greetings technophiles / demigods,

I have yet another K12LTSP / DHCP / SAMBA-LDAP related question(s).  I'm a
newB as you can probably tell and humbly bow my head.  Now here's my

I installed K12LTSP 3.1 on a box with the intent on setting it up as a
SAMBA-LDAP box.  I chose the K12LTSP install option and then selected all
the packages I could for SAMBA-LDAP as specified in David's how to (many
thanks David).  I would like this machine to function as PDC but not as a
K12LSTP server.  Are there services I should turn off on this machine so
it functions ONLY as SAMBA-LDAP PDC?

That's the first question.  The second issue is that I presently have my
entire network getting DHCP from MSLN and would like to do a few things:

1. Put my network behind eSmith (already have installed & ready to go but
haven't plugged it in yet) and have eSmith act as DHCP server, firewall,
proxy, and filter (not SAMBA-LDAP)

2. Have my new SAMBA-LDAP server ACT as a PDC.

3. Have all of this happen in a planned, smooth transition, transparent to
end users.

4. Eventually have a big, overpowered K12LTSP server turning all my old
junkers into "new" workstations (add a little graffiti remover and anything
is new, right David?).  For now I can't deal with running all of the cable
to have two separate subnets, so I'm not worrying about this yet.  If I do
set up K12LTSP it will probably be on a local-lab level w/ eth0 serving
k12ltsp and eth1 getting IP from eSmith server.

My thoughts are that I should first get eSmith going and then worry about
the SAMBA-LDAP server.  Then worry about K12LTSP.

Is the sequence above the right order?  Will I run into DHCP issues, and if
so, how to avoid them?  Any other ideas / advice is welcome.

Many thanks,

Rafi Hopkins, Technology Coordinator
Shead High School
89 High St.
Eastport, ME  04631
hopkins shead org

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