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Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP 3.1 / DHCP / SAMBA-LDAP question

Ok...couple of questions for you.  Are you going to be or have you
installed a K12LTSP network....meaning are you running Linux terminals. 
If not then the whole Samba/LDAP thing is overkill.  You simply need a
PDC.  This is more easily accomplished with just an E-Smith box.  The
purpose of Samba/LDAP (at least in my case) is to provide a central
authentication point and a common home directory across
platforms....Windows and Linux (K12LTSP).  If you are not doing this then
all you need is an E-Smith server set up to be a file server (easy to do)
and a PDC....you can do "roaming profiles" for Windows and even your Mac
OS machines can log in to their home dirs if they need to.  Let me know
what your ultimate plan is.

k12osn redhat com writes:
>Greetings technophiles / demigods,
>I have yet another K12LTSP / DHCP / SAMBA-LDAP related question(s).  I'm a
>newB as you can probably tell and humbly bow my head.  Now here's my
>I installed K12LTSP 3.1 on a box with the intent on setting it up as a
>SAMBA-LDAP box.  I chose the K12LTSP install option and then selected all
>the packages I could for SAMBA-LDAP as specified in David's how to (many
>thanks David).  I would like this machine to function as PDC but not as a
>K12LSTP server.  Are there services I should turn off on this machine so
>it functions ONLY as SAMBA-LDAP PDC?

If it's only going to be a SAMBA/LDAP server and not doing DHCP...turn off
DHCP....make sure smb....ncsd....and nfs are on.
>That's the first question.  The second issue is that I presently have my
>entire network getting DHCP from MSLN and would like to do a few things:
>1. Put my network behind eSmith (already have installed & ready to go but
>haven't plugged it in yet) and have eSmith act as DHCP server, firewall,
>proxy, and filter (not SAMBA-LDAP)

Do this...and soon!  :-)
>2. Have my new SAMBA-LDAP server ACT as a PDC.

It does by default....hence the Samba part
>3. Have all of this happen in a planned, smooth transition, transparent to
>end users.

A lot depends on what you are doing now....
>4. Eventually have a big, overpowered K12LTSP server turning all my old
>junkers into "new" workstations (add a little graffiti remover and
>is new, right David?).  For now I can't deal with running all of the cable
>to have two separate subnets, so I'm not worrying about this yet.  If I do
>set up K12LTSP it will probably be on a local-lab level w/ eth0 serving
>k12ltsp and eth1 getting IP from eSmith server.

You may not need to run new cable....I do it with what I have....I have 2
drops in each room....one is one subnet and the other is the other
subnet....simply reroute some patch cords in the network closet and
dedicate a switch or two for K12LTSP and you're in business.
>My thoughts are that I should first get eSmith going and then worry about
>the SAMBA-LDAP server.  Then worry about K12LTSP.

Worry about E-smith first.
>Is the sequence above the right order?  Will I run into DHCP issues, and
>so, how to avoid them?  Any other ideas / advice is welcome.

Call me when you get ready and we'll do a mental checklist as I'm on the
same system you are.

*note to all others....MSLN stands for Maine School Library Network....all
public schools in Maine get free filtered internet from the state via
MSLN...most of us have either T1 or T3 access.  Pretty cool huh?
>Many thanks,
>Rafi Hopkins, Technology Coordinator
>Shead High School
>89 High St.
>Eastport, ME  04631
>hopkins shead org

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Coordinator
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask vcs u52 k12 me us

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