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Re: [K12OSN] Thin Clients


Speaking as someone involved with DisklessWorkstations.Com, my opinion
just might be slightly biased :)   But, i'm also intimately involved
with LTSP, so hopefully i've earned the right to be just a little
bit biased.

The Jammin-125's have been great, but we have a newer workstation
that is more powerful and less expensive.

The "LTSP Term-150" and the "LTSP Term-150e" are both via 533 based
with 128mb of ram and really good video, capable of upto 1600x1200.
Sound works, and there are several options, like PCI slot, smartcard
reader, compact flash slot, pcmcia slot and even a harddisk mounting
kit if you want that.  (Those are all optional, not included in base

The only difference between the 150 and the 150e, is that the 150e
includes an Etherboot bootrom, whereas the 150 uses PXE.

Both work great with LTSP.

Jim McQuillan
jam Ltsp org

On Fri, 31 Oct 2003, Shawn Powers wrote:

> Sorry to beat a dead horse... but I just had my "showcase" staff member 
> ask me to get the info on the best thin clients he can get for his 
> classroom LTSP lab...
> He's currently running (for the second year) old P100 workstations that 
> were abused in their normal life, and are just plain physically wearing 
> out now.
> Are the thin clients from disklessworkstations.com the cream of the 
> crop?  I think they're Jam125 or something like that...  Do they work 
> with sound, etc right out of the box?
> I know some really good thick clients can be had for a decent price, 
> but this needs to be aesthetically pleasing too.
> Thanks for any input.
> -Shawn
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