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Re: [K12OSN] Thin Clients

Sorry to beat a dead horse... but I just had my "showcase" staff member ask me to get the info on the best thin clients he can get for his classroom LTSP lab...

He's currently running (for the second year) old P100 workstations that were abused in their normal life, and are just plain physically wearing out now.

Are the thin clients from disklessworkstations.com the cream of the crop? I think they're Jam125 or something like that... Do they work with sound, etc right out of the box?

I know some really good thick clients can be had for a decent price, but this needs to be aesthetically pleasing too.

Thanks for any input.

Jim McQuillian come up here once and besides talking about LTSP demoed the Jammin 125. They were pretty nice, quiet easy etc.

It looks like DW is offering a new model though called the LTSP 150 I can't speak on those but they come in $70 cheaper than the Jammin.

I do not own any and can't speak on their day to day use.

Scott Sherrill
Technology Coordinator Hancock Public Schools
Hancock, MI

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