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There needs to be more links/awareness/sites whatever to counter
arguments such as this.  It is handy to have this sort of stuff
prepared/rehearsed, in order to immediately squash any disputes.  

It seems those TCO's use an employees time and lack of training to spike
costs.  They take advantage of assuming nobody understands Linux and
that there are no preconfigured packages available unless you buy them.
I do think there are still valid arguments for both sides in certain
scenarios, but I would love to slap around the people who create these
reports :-)

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>> I started to answer this last night but didn't send it.  My answer 
>> was similar to George's.  Here is what I run into:
>> "This is not what the kids will see in college or the work place."

This is just plain wrong, at least the college part.  Here's a quote
from Mark Andreessen in BusinessWeek:

	"Another key thing to remember is that everyone coming
	out of college is familiar with Linux. It has over-
	whelming market share in colleges and universities. In
	every computer science program I'm aware of, it's the
	default language people teach on. They like it because
	it's open-source, and you can look at how it really
	works. The reason that's important is because those
	kids leaving college will enter the workforce and
	bring those skills to their employers."

>> "Macs are simply better and I can show you Total Cost of Ownership 
>> studies to back that up."  (Of course, could these TCO studies have 
>> been done by Apple?)

>From the same article:

	"Most of the studies that show Linux is not cheaper
	have been funded by the old vendors. You'll typically
	find an analyst study that was paid for by Sun or
	Microsoft. That's compromised research.
	"What the customers will tell us, and I am not in the
	business of selling hardware or operating systems, is
	that they're saving a lot of money. Morgan Stanley
	has an 80-20 rule. That rule goes like this: They're
	replacing 80% of their Sun system with Intel boxes for
	20% of the cost."


Henry Hartley

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