[K12OSN] IDE if /home is NFS?

dahopkins at comcast.net dahopkins at comcast.net
Thu Apr 1 17:56:55 UTC 2004

> >I knocked over 4Gb off the backup just with cache and core.* file exclusion. (I 
> have a cron job now that deletes all core.some_number each night as well)
> >
> Can I ask what the core.* files are and where they come from?

The core.* files have names like core.4123342 (I think the number is the process id of the program that crashed) and are the results of application programs crashing (or some such). I have not been able to determine exactly how the teachers are causing them.  I suspect that they are exiting rdesktop by just clicking on the X and not exiting the Windows TS correctly (because I can see Disconnected sessions in the TS manager).  Also, the teachers (and students) tend to exit almost every other application the same way: Just click on the X, or click on the upper left of a window and choose Close for the window operation, as opposed to choosing the applications File --> Exit.  This is a bad habit that I haven't been able to convince them to break since it works on Windows systems without obvious side-effects.  Each core file tends to be about 50-60MB and I have seen a teacher create more than 10 of them in a single day.  Eventually I will track it down, but for now I live with it!
 since I am only at the school on Fridays, have other more pressing issues to resolve and have a work-around for now.

Dave Hopkins

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