John P. Conlon jconlon1 at elp.rr.com
Thu Apr 1 19:02:35 UTC 2004

If wine has been installed on the server/stand alone the both AR and 
Inspiration will run in the Linux environment.  The answer to the "they 
won't see this in the real world"  yes they will because user software 
is becoming operating system independent.

Jim Hays wrote:

> I started to answer this last night but didn't send it.  My answer was 
> similar to George's.  Here is what I run into:
> "This is not what the kids will see in college or the work place."
> "My software (Accelerated Reader, Inspiration, etc) won't run on this."
> "Why change something that works?"
> "Macs are simply better and I can show you Total Cost of Ownership 
> studies to back that up."  (Of course, could these TCO studies have 
> been done by Apple?)
> "There isn't a textbook for Open Office."
> Of course the "real" issues are:
> "I don't have time to learn something new."  (Meaning, of course, "I 
> really don't want to learn something new.")
> "I have never seen this before, so it must be bad."
> And the truly real issue:
> "Change is BAD."
> Of course, once our budget situation reached the stage where we 
> started laying off teachers (last month), it will be easier to make 
> these kind of changes.
> george kocke wrote:
>> On Wed, 2004-03-31 at 17:38, Terrell Prude', Jr. wrote:
>>> I just don't understand the resistance to that kind of business 
>>> case, especially when we're in a $40+ million budget shortfall.  
>>> Anyone?
>> Fear of the unknown, risk avoidance, laziness and the focus on training
>> for future employment rather than education.
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