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If Macs ae better then why did Bill Gates buy 25% of the company?  It 
was to keep M$ from having a true monopoly when Mac went bankrupt.

Henry Hartley wrote:

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>>>I started to answer this last night but didn't send it.  My
>>>answer was similar to George's.  Here is what I run into:
>>>"This is not what the kids will see in college or the work place."
>This is just plain wrong, at least the college part.  Here's a quote
>from Mark Andreessen in BusinessWeek:
>	"Another key thing to remember is that everyone coming
>	out of college is familiar with Linux. It has over-
>	whelming market share in colleges and universities. In
>	every computer science program I'm aware of, it's the
>	default language people teach on. They like it because
>	it's open-source, and you can look at how it really
>	works. The reason that's important is because those
>	kids leaving college will enter the workforce and
>	bring those skills to their employers."
>>>"Macs are simply better and I can show you Total Cost of Ownership
>>>studies to back that up."  (Of course, could these TCO studies
>>>have been done by Apple?)
>>From the same article:
>	"Most of the studies that show Linux is not cheaper
>	have been funded by the old vendors. You'll typically
>	find an analyst study that was paid for by Sun or
>	Microsoft. That's compromised research.
>	"What the customers will tell us, and I am not in the
>	business of selling hardware or operating systems, is
>	that they're saving a lot of money. Morgan Stanley
>	has an 80-20 rule. That rule goes like this: They're
>	replacing 80% of their Sun system with Intel boxes for
>	20% of the cost."
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