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As part of our program to provide productivity tool software to all of our 
students and staff, I have created a notebook with a CD of open source 
software for them to check out of our libraries. In the not book there is a 
description of OSS. As part of the notebook I created the following chart. I 
have converted it to a web page comparing Open Source vs. Commercial Software 
http://www.mogadore.summit.k12.oh.us/oss_comparison.html. I know this does not 
really address operating systems but feel free to use it as a starting point.

>===== Original Message From Jim Kronebusch <jim at winonacotter.org> =====
>We should really setup a web site that has links to documents and other
>info in defense of OS and LTSP.  Something that tells a level (read
>honest, true) reality of them.
>I second the honest,true, impartial listing of pros/cons.  I would like
>to not see a site with all pros or cons on a single sided event.  I do
>believe there are benefits to any setup, be it Windows Mac or Linux
>based.  I am also not opposed to mixed environments where applicable
>(and also complimentary to the pro/con list).  But the truth of the
>reality is Linux can save a lot of money for struggling institutions.
>These places (along with the not struggling) need a non-biased
>comparison of overhead and useability.
>But at this point I am probably just blowing smoke, since I am not sure
>I have (or will make) the time to create such a list.  But hopefully
>someone will, and won't make it a you suck we rule sort of argument.
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Anthony Luscre
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Mogadore Local Schools

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