[K12OSN] Massive Rsyncing

Jim Christiansen christiansen_j at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 1 22:00:24 UTC 2004

I think that I read a message from David Trask about the .mozilla folder 
being a waste to backup.  I don't remember just what the message was about, 
but I've been wondering how to dump the .mozilla/.../Cache folder before my 
nightly rsync.  I've got a 40 gig drive for backup and my 750 students now 
have 40 gigs of data, well, almost!

I am using IPCop with content filtering to control my internet traffic, but 
the Cache folders are holding piles of garbage...

Does anyone have a script that can find all of the .mozilla Cache folders 
and rm -rf  them from /home?



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