[K12OSN] Question about shared memory usage in K12LTSP

Andy Rabagliati andyr at wizzy.com
Fri Apr 2 07:39:16 UTC 2004

On Mon, 22 Mar 2004, Brian Chase wrote:

> I have read in the K12LTSP distro's documentation that you 
> can allow workstations to run applications using their own 
> RAM.  From what I can tell, that's all or nothing, hoping 
> I'm wrong.
> When you configure LTSP to run applications locally on a 
> given workstation, is the system smart enough to borrow 
> memory from the server for larger applications that the thin 
> client doesn't have enough memory to run, or is it stuck 
> with the local RAM to try and get everything done forevermore?

No direct experience ..

However, my understanding is that it is not all-or-nothing.

For most apps, they run on the server, display on the client -
regular LTSP style.

However, you can pick certain local apps (a browser comes to mind)
that run locally (invoked by rsh, a very insecure remote shell
protocol) but talk to your window manager (on the server) and
then to the local display.

It is just as easy (and quick?) to run a browser on /some other/
client computer for your own purpose.

The 'icon' or whatever (on the server desktop) would execute :-

rsh <bobs computer over there> netscape -display $DISPLAY

or something similar.

Corrections welcomed.

Cheers,    Andy!


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