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> I am responding to this thread because I am deeply concerned that the school
> system at which I work will be throwing away the ability to pursue
> opensource soon.  The school system wants to upgrade this network of 1200+
> computers spanning 7 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school
> to Windows Server 2003 from NT 4. The network is almost entirely M$ (no
> surprise huh?).  
> I recommended turning over to Samba instead of a Windows upgrade, but that
> idea didn't sink in.  Furthermore, I and an intern tried making an
> opensource email server that could replace Exchange, but that didn't work
> because the new server lacked such features as automatic name/address
> completion (when a user's name is partially typed into the "To:" box in
> Outlook).  Since I am unfamiliar with databases such as LDAP, I could not
> provide an alternative to the Windows Global Directory either.
In place of AD you might want to look at Novell's eDirectory.  It runs
on Linux.  As for the mail server try using a directory driven one like
Novell's Groupwise, OpenGroupware.org (pain to setup last I tried),
Oracle Colaboration Suite, Sun's mail server (wouldn't recommend this
one), Sendmail, etc.  Then use a client that will interface with it like
Evolution, OpenGroupware.org has a web interface, Novell has both a
client and a web interface, sendmail has a web interface, sun has a web
interface (again wouldn't recommend this one), etc. and they can all run
on Linux. :)
> I noticed a while back that M$ released their Windows Services for Unix for
> free (?).  The details of this service were unbelievable and seemed that it
> would fulfill everything I need to integrate Linux into the existing
> environment.  Upon closer inspection I found that M$ requires a CAL for any
> machine, Windows or not, utilizing a Windows server service.  Furthermore,
> my boss is requiring that in order for Linux to be used, the user
> name/password must the same as in the Windows environment, and it must
> provide access to the same home directories.  I have successfully done this
> using pam_winbind and pam_mount, but apparently going this route would
> require CALs too and may not even work at all with AD.  It doesn't look like
> the domain controllers and the file servers will be replaced with opensource
> alternatives anytime soon.
On windows services for UNIX you should be aware that this is minimal
communication and not real time in either direction.  At least not when
I tried it.  I've played around with pam_windbind and it works but not
> On Thursday, April 01, 2004 9:17 AM Jim Hays wrote:
> > I started to answer this last night but didn't send it.  My answer was
> > similar to George's.  Here is what I run into:
> > 
> > "This is not what the kids will see in college or the work place."
> > "My software (Accelerated Reader, Inspiration, etc) won't run on this."
> I am having problems involving just these two.  The school system here will
> not let its grip loose on these applications.  Furthermore, I have been
> unsuccessful in getting these apps to run under wine, especially from a
> Windows network server, as it is set up here.  Another one is KidPix.  Tux
> Paint would have worked just fine, but no, that wouldn't do because
> everything was organized differently.
This is the number one problem I see for K-12 adoption.  The lack of, or
apparent lack of, kids (learning) software titles.  Especially since
there are so many of the legacy titles still being used in which the
manufacturer does not even make them anymore.

It would be great if we could find open source counterparts for these
but I'm still looking.  Also if anyone knows how I could access my
library catalog for Linux I would be grateful.  We use Sagebrush
Spectrum 5.2 and upgrading to the web version is too expensive.


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